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 岗wei名称: Supplier Quality Engineer/ 供ying商质量guan理工程shi
Establish and improve LEMKEN China quality management system, to ensure supplier clearly understand  LEMKEN China's technical and quality requirements.
2. Establish and improve the supplier quality Audit and approval procedure, Ensure that supplier quality management processes are able to screen suppliers that meet LEMKEN China's technology and quality requirements.
3. Actively participate in the supplier selection process, review and enable suppliers in new products and volume production, and regularly evaluate the supplier's design, manufacturing and inspection capabilities to ensure that suppliers are able to deliver products that meet quality requirements and quantities within a specified timeframe.
4. Develop a supplier audit plan, review suppliers on a regular basis, and promptly respond to the supplier's missing improvements in the audit.
5. Analyze and track supplier quality issues, participate in and organize internal company meetings, handle complaints and feedback from sales and production on quality, develop improvement measures and preventive measures, and monitor supplier implementation to drive suppliers to continuously improve their quality capabilities.
6. Reviewing the reports submitted by the suppliers has ensured that LEMKEN China’s requests for improvements from suppliers are implemented timely.
7. Training to supplier team as per requirement.
8. Other quality related tasks assigned by the superior.
1. Comprehensive knowledge of the steel materials checking and metal welding
2. Familiar with technical standards and requirements for machining, welding and spraying
3. More than 5 years of supplier quality management experience in manufacturing enterprises
4. Certified supplier quality assurance and auditor
5. Knowledge on various international standard
6. Proficient in English listening, speaking, reading and writing
7. Driving license is a plus.

1. 进料检验;
2. 样品检验 ;
3. 组zhuang检验;
4. 发货检验; 
5. 188体yuapp组zhuang。

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